Saturday, 30 October 2010

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AAB Training is the UK's leading provider of private security qualifications.

Recently AAB and several of it's candidates have been fortunate to receive government grants which assisted many close protection officers to attend training at a fraction of the price - naturally, competitors who did not receive such funding started to spread inaccurate content about AAB Training on the internet.

Fortunately AAB Training was by now in a position to help thousands of learners around the UK to achieve their qualifications and this blog serves as a means for some of the many happy customers to leave their comments about their own experience with AAB Training.

We were fortunate to have produced thousands of security guards, door supervisors and close protection officers who achieved not only because of high quality training, but also as a result of
their own hard work and effort which has been acknowledged by employers.
They have overcome obstacles in order to realise their dreams and AAB served as a humble but significant starting point for many who changed their careers.

Thank you for your feedback, we hope to see you soon again!

The training team

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